I. Public Sector Consulting

Public sector organisations are critical to economic and societal progress. It can alter and define the way in which markets and society functions. We work with public sector organisations to deliver actionable ideas that could transform society. Our work is focused on helping government agencies at a local, state, or federal level solve operational or strategic challenges. By combining insights from our Research Wing- CPPR, we develop sustainable, people-centric solutions tailored to the client’s expectations. We use consultancy frameworks keeping in cognisance of the complexities involved in public policy.

Our practice expertise include

1. Policy Impact Assessment (PIAs):

Policy Impact Assessments are evidence-based procedures that assess the economic, social, and environmental effects of public policy. We have a track record of assessing laws, government schemes and their impact on the public. We undertake thorough investigation of the problem through primary research involving field-visits, stakeholder consultations, focussed-group discussion, surveys, among others.

Our policy impact assessments have improved legislation by

  • Informing policy makers about potential economic, social ramifications
  • Increasing public participation thereby improving the legitimacy of policies
  • Contributing to update learning in policy development by identifying bottlenecks and loopholes that inform ex-post review of policies

2. Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA):

Regulatory Impact Analysis is a tool undertaken to critically assess the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives. It encompasses a range of methods which continues to evolve, reflecting continued learning and practical knowledge. Broadly, our methodological frameworks that assist RIA include valuation risk, transaction cost assessment and economic cost-benefit Analysis. We also run our clients’ project through our threshold tests to identify the full range of rationales for government intervention. The interventions are also studied through multiple-vantage points to ensure there is public acceptance, quality standards and political support.

3. Cost-Minimisation and Output-Maximisation:

When it concerns public sector organisations, multiple challenges persist because the public sector uses public money, therefore, there is a greater risk of money leaks. Typical leak points include poorly designed programs/projects, poor budgeting, sub-optimal implementation, inadequate monitoring and evaluation processes, weaknesses in procurement controls, theft and corruption, assets misappropriation. Our approach on cost-minimisation and output-maximisation is undertaken to ensure effective, efficient, and economic use of resources. It includes not just the evaluation of relevant costs and benefits but also a thorough assessment of risks, non-price attributes, and/or total cost of ownership.

II. Private Sector Consulting

At Civitas, we have a range of consulting frameworks that apprise the clients of factors that impede their business growth. We also develop methodologies tailored to specific needs of our clients. We adopt popular frameworks to understand market landscape, competitor dynamics and client’s capabilities. Apart from conventional frameworks, we also use methods ranging from but not limited to break-Even Analysis, Fixed vs. Variable Expenses, Net Profit Margin, Return on Investment (ROI), Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), Lifetime Customer Value, Product Life Cycle, Opportunity Cost, Elasticity (Supply or Demand), Financial Statements, Accounting, and Valuation.

1. Research as a Service:

We provide an end- to-end Research as a Service by partnering businesses to uncover insights across a wide range of research and business problems. We partner at multiple stages of the research and transform business problems into actionable insights. We can partner right from the beginning of research projects from designing complex questionnaires to analysing the data and further design and provide well articulated findings in the form of written reports. Or, we can fill your operational need for a quick and high quality script and field staff. Based on the need and requirements, our research experts will partner with you to turn your problems into actionable insights. Some of our expertise include:

a. Primary Research

We partner with businesses to discover a wealth of unexplored knowledge and research in their industry to gain a competitive advantage. This involves visiting the source directly, undertaking stakeholder interviews, surveys, focus-groups, and on-the ground competitors’ study to identify gaps in the marketplace.

b. Secondary Research analysis

As a service provider, we help our clients gather information about trends, economic drivers that have an impact on industries in order to gain insights into consumers, competitors and overall industry. The following areas fall into the portfolio of our secondary research

  • Leverage strategically analysed data to support new product and business development strategies
  • Improve regional and country market sizing, forecasting, and entry strategies
  • Conduct product / price benchmarking
  • Better understand your current market and the competitor landscape
  • Discover insights from national and local government data, Chamber of Commerce reports, Think tank reports and statistical databases, trade association data, sector and industry reports
  • Gain 360 degree insight from peer reviewed academic literature, newspaper reports, and press releases

2. Competitive Intelligence

Amidst thriving innovations, disruptive technologies and withering barriers-to-entry, every firm is facing stiff competition. Getting a sustainable advantage over the competition becomes a necessary imperative for businesses to stay afloat and ahead of their peers. Our competitive intelligence services provide analysis on competitors, customers, products and suppliers with the objective to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Our intelligence solutions and data insights set a foundation for a winning strategy. The services we offer range from competitor monitoring and reporting, competitive benchmarking and best practices, integration of competitive market analysis into clients plans, to evaluation of Emerging Technologies among others.

3. Business Analysis

We understand and ensure the requirements for the business growth by reforming its policies, internal process, and information system. We make positive changes by understanding the business problems, recommend the solution and increase the return on investment for projects. It will help to modify the processes, products, services, and IT infrastructure in order to achieve the company's goals. Some business analysis techniques we use are PESTLE, SWOT, Process Design, Business Model analysis and System Analysis.

4. Data Analytics and Report

Central to our services is collecting, analysing, visualising data across our clientele. We work with clients and understand their business requirements and enable them to monitor, track using KPI and develop data models for strategic planning and actionable insights.

III. Legal consulting

Civitas offers a wide range of services associated with legal consulting. Our expert areas include -

IV. CSR Consulting

We help our clients ranging from corporates, philanthropists, to foundations in achieving their social impact goals. We are committed towards ensuring a sustainable operation and provide effective solutions to transform brands into socially responsible leaders.


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