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Civitas Legal Solutions have been entrusted by the Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the task of drafting Admiralty Rules for Kerala. The Chamber had previously submitted a memorandum to the Chief Justice of Kerala, pointing out the need for comprehensive rules in the High Court  of Kerala regarding Ship Arrest, including instituting a mandatory court fee before arrest and enabling freedom to move a caveat in anticipation of an arrest. The Chief Justice had further requested the Chamber to study the matter in detail and submit a Draft Rules.

The Rules are important because Kochi is emerging as a major international shipping hub and more vessels are calling on a regular basis. If the proposed developmental activities and infrastructural growth in Cochin Port needs to be tapped to their potential, legal norms governing admiralty jurisdiction need to be optimised. In the absence of clear guidelines, a lot of inconvenience is caused to the maritime community in the form of unanticipated arrest of vessels for frivolous claims.
Civitas is in the final stages of drafting the rules and is noting the opinions of various stake-holders, namely maritime lawyers, policy makers   and representatives from the shipping sector. 

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