Research & Development


Assessment and Analysis:
With market research (analysis, models and simulation), and intensive study, Civitas analyses data pertaining to each sector. Performance, capabilities, growth indices, market opportunities, bottlenecks, and organisational structure will be evaluated to identify the company’s standing in the market.

Our Business Planning Team prepares a plan of action, based on the assessment done. The Plan includes critical measures to build the organisation (the team in specific), measures to assure accelerated growth, suggestions to retain team members and capability building. It identifies and outlines key factors to success, and advises on value drivers and strategic capabilities.

Civitas formulates clear and precise target-oriented strategies to ensure that the business plan is understood and implemented well. Our Strategy Team provides the right set of information and services to formulate the best possible solutions and policy recommendations to ensure appropriate solutions. The right strategies cover clear goals, out-of-the-box ideating, and on-target solutions.

Civitas realises the importance of accurate implementation. Our team will chart out an execution plan that is reliable, relevant and offers high quality output. All planning and strategy is null and void if the measures identified are not put into operation to the tee. This will take into consideration marketing, operations, sales, finance, risk management, and use of latest technology.